Research fellow (post-doc) (f/m/d) in the Division of Hematology- Oncology / Internal Medicine

Research fellow (post-doc)
A postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Sami Malek in the Division of Hematology- Oncology/Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

Active research areas in the laboratory include studies into the i) genomic pathogenesis of CLL, AML and Follicular Lymphoma, ii) the function and biology of mutated genes in lymphoma, iii) optimization of small molecule-based targeted therapies, iv) biology and clinical implications of AML MRD and v) clonal heterogeneity and evolution and genomic instability in AML. This position is to conduct innovative research in AML as it relates to a mechanistic understanding of leukemia relapse, gene drivers, drug resistance and strategies to overcome it. Various state-of-the-art technologies are applied to the problem. Applicants interested in studying follicular lymphoma biology are also encouraged to apply.

Applicants with a PhD or MD degree with evidence of prior productivity and advanced Molecular Biology Skills and ideally some bioinformatics skills and an interest in developing themselves into independent future faculty are particularly encouraged to apply.

A cover letter is required for consideration for this position and should be attached as the first page of your resume. The cover letter should address your specific interest in the position and outline skills and experience that directly relate to this position. Interested applicants should also send a cover letter with their CV to Dr. Sami Malek at

Contact Information:
Sami Malek, MD
Professor of Internal Medicine
1500 E. Medical Center Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5936


University of Michigan



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